2 Hour Design Strategy Session

​A Beautiful Home Starts Here

I just have to say "yay you!" You've come this far, which means you're ready to take the first step in getting the home you've dreamed about. And I couldn't be happier that you're considering making us a part of your dream-home team. RSI's Design Strategy Session is the first step to getting there.

With up to 2 hours of intensive work, this on-site session will allow you to build the foundation and lay the groundwork for an amazing home. Whether you're seeking a jump start for the beginning of a longer term project with RSI or guidance with no long term commitment, this is where we begin.

A Design Strategy Session is right for you if:

  • I'm ready to start a build/reno/remodel and I need to know if we're a good fit

  • I'm ready to dive right in to my design project and I understand this is the first step

  • I need to change the layout of my floor plan and I don't know what makes the most sense

  • I want to move, but I don't know what needs to be done to make my home more saleable

  • I need some paint advice, but I also have a few other design questions


1. Can I use this for multiple rooms? Yes - if your questions can be answered within the two hour window, ask away… If, after reviewing your questionnaire, I feel there is a possibility you may need more time, I am always up front with my clients and will notify you in advance.

2. What if I need more time? Absolutely! You can purchase additional time at $200/ hr.

3. Can the consultation be online? For sure! I understand that face-to-face meetings are not always possible. Should you desire to book a "virtual" design strategy session, let me know and I will provide a zoom link to you along with instructions on how to proceed.

4. What's included in the guide/ report? Everything we discuss during our 2 hours together along with suggestions and next steps will be noted in your Design Strategy Session Summary and emailed to you for your records.

5. Can I reschedule my time? Yes you can. There is no fee for canceling or rescheduling, but I ask that you give 48 hrs. notice to enable others that may need that time to book a slot with Room Service Interiors.